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Electroglottograph YEM 

Tiger DRS 

Electroglottography is non-invasive method of measuring vocal fold contact during voicing without affecting speech production. The  Electroglottograph (EGG) measures the variation in impedance to a very small electrical current between the electrode pair placed across the neck as the area of vocal fold contact changes during voicing. This two-channel Electroglottograph, model YEM, provides simultaneous EGG Waveforms at the neighboring neck location allowing correct electrode placement and verification of waveform accuracy. Using this patented multi-channel approach not only makes the technique easier to use and more reliable, but also can allow the quantitative measurement of vertical laryngeal movement during voicing.

This EGG works  with  Vocal Assessment. Simply plug the cable into your sound card and record the signal via the electrodes or microphone.

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Specifications for YEM

Two inputs:                One input for EGG signal, another for audio signal
                                    Adjust INPUT switch, you can get recording of (1) EGG input, (2) Audio input, or (3) both EGG and Audio inputs.
Two outputs:              One output for EGG signal, another for audio signal, with connection to either the inputs of computer sound card inputs or other devices.
Electrode area:            Two pairs of electrodes. One is for adult, and another is for child. Electrodes are individually shielded.
                                    For adults: Gold plated, 32 mm in diameter (=8.04 cm)
                                    For child: Gold plated, 25 mm in diameter (=4.90 cm)
Carrier frequency:       2.5 MHz0.1MHz
Electrode voltage:       6Vp_p2V
Frequency response:   100Hz to 500Hz (1.5dB-1.5dB)
Sensitivity switch:        EGG GAIN switch: -6dB, 0, +6dB
Microphone:                Unidirectional condenser or dynamic microphone
Frequency response:    100Hz to 700Hz (1.0dB-1.0dB)
Stationary noise:          3mV
Sensitivity switch:        Audio GAIN switch: 25dB, 30dB, 35dB, 40dB
Cut-off frequency:       Filter switch: 5KHz, 10 KHz, 20KHz
                                  5KHz: When input signal frequency 5.5KHz, output level3mV
                                  10KHz: When input signal frequency 11KHz, output level3mV
                                  20KHz: When input signal frequency 22KHz, output level3mV
Insulation:                   DC-DC Isolated power supply
(1) EGG input:           Left and right channels output EGG signal
(2) Audio input:          Left and right channels output audio signal
(3) EGG and Audio inputs: Left channel output audio signal, right channel output EGG signal
Power Supply:            AC/DC Power adapter  (Certified by IEC 60601-1:1988+A1+A2)
AC Input:                    100-240Vac, 0.5-0.3A, 50-60Hz
DC Output:                 12V 1.25A MAX (15W MAX)
Size                             102 mm (H) x 120 mm (W) x 145 mm (D)
Weight:                       1.2 Kg
Output Jacks:              3.5mm stereo jack for signal output; 6.5mm stereo jack for audio signal, PS/2 port for EGG signal, external power jack
User manual:             Included user guide and technical specification
Warranty:                   One year

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Tiger DRS Inc. 1998