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Hardware Requirements for Dr. Speech version 4

Dr. Speech has the following minimum requirements:

— IBM PC or compatible desktop or notebook

— Windows XP or 7

— Color monitor

(256 setting for spectrogram analysis)

— Hard drive with at least 1GB of free space

— High-quality microphone

(unidirectional dynamic or condensed)

— Preamplifier

(recommended for all programs, required for EGG, Voice Assessment and Phonetogram)

ScopeView requires:

— Winnov Videum 1000 Plus video card

— Windows XP, 7


Company Address

Tiger DRS, Inc.

PO Box 75063, Seattle, WA 98175 USA

Tel: 206-499-5757, Fax: 206-367-2672



Down Load Demo

Dr. Speech is for Windows based computers, not for use on Apple or Mac systems.   Dr. Speech: Windows XP/7. We do offer free demo CD.

Dr. Speech 5     (310 MB) This is the introduction demo. It include Real Analysis, Vocal Assessment and ScopeView.

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