Comparison display: can be different clients, or same client at different time (like before and after operation). Multi-frame Display
Video with acoustic and EGG signals simultaneously
Glottal area detection during vocal fold vibration by the edge detection method


ScopeView allows user-friendly viewing, capturing and recording of real time video images on a PC via a video card. Images can be acquired from video-integrated flexible or rigid endoscopes or microscopes, TV cameras, VCRs or other sources. ScopeView's features include tools, such as, image enhancement, scrolling, printing, objective analysis and video imaging with simultaneous display of acoustic and EGG signals and related information. Enhanced editing, reporting and multi-frame viewing features allow the user to delete undesirable material and create a customized report. Images can easily be downloaded to a VCR, CD Zip or other drive. Relative measurements and glottal area detection can also be obtained on the video image. Controlling your images brightness and contrast are just a few features that are available, including special zoom and cropping functions to assist you in your imaging needs.

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