Speech Therapy Basic version

Sound Awareness
Sound Awareness: A seesaw moves when there is  sound over silence setting
Phonation Time Skill Building
Phonation Time Skill Building: Keeping phonation moves the strawberry from left to right
Speech Articulation: Vowel production
Speech Articulation: Vowel production (vowel /i/)
Speech Articulation: Consonant production
Consonant production (vowel /p/)
Pitch Skill Builder
Pitch Skill Builder: Pitch controls how the boat moves around the rocks
Loudness Skill Builder
Loudness Skill Builder: Loudness controls how high the fireman climbs
Voicing Skill Building
Voicing Skill Building: Voicing mode determines which  mice will run
Voicing Onset Skill Building
Voicing Onset Skill Building: Voicing onset mode controls how the flower opens around the tree

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy uses over 30 voice-activated video games to provide real-time reinforcement of a client's attempts to produce changes in pitch, loudness, voiced and unvoiced phonation, voicing onset, maximum phonation time, sound and vowel tracking. Children, in particular, enjoy therapy with this colorful, interactive, game-like software because they receive immediate animated feedback on their performance. Clinicians will enjoy the versatility and unique features of the program. For example, while a child is playing a game, you can quickly review the graphical display or statistical data of the child's performance.

Speech Therapy is divided into two groups: 1) Awareness teaches children about the attributes of their voice, and 2) Skill Builder gives the user goals to achieve for a given range and time. Comprehensive User Logs calculate therapy time and track your client's progress. Best of all, real-time recording and playback give you the tools you need to maximize your client's therapy.

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